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"Woo Woo For Your Boo Hoo"

Sound Healing

What is
Spiritual Alchemy?

"Woo Woo For Your Boo Hoo"

Through my own personal healing journey I have used various modalities including sound healing, psychics, mediums, channelers, reiki healing, and other forms of energy healing modalities. I have and continue to heal from emotional and mental traumas that I was unaware existed in my subconsciousness. Through the course of healing and learning to help others heal I find it imperative that healers bring compassion and a sense of humor, which was something that was lacking in a lot of my own personal healing sessions with other healers. I felt the calling to become a healer and became a Reiki Master/Teacher & Sound Healer.

What is the name all about? Spiritual: relates to the human soul, as well the mystical of the unknown. Alchemy: is the process of turning a base metal into gold. Energy: is everything within & without ourselves. Transfigurations: is a process of changing into something better.

"Woo Woo For Your Boo Hoo" is my business tagline that is intended to make people laugh. It's a fun way to express what I do.


Alternative Healing Services


Energy Healing with Usui Reiki. Due to the Covid-19 Outbreak I am only offering Distance Reiki, which is just as powerful as in person healing session.

Usui Reiki is a form of energy healing that helps with emotional, mental & physical pain and trauma.

My philosophy as well as other healers is that energy is everything including our feelings & thoughts. When we have traumas that we haven't processed, the trauma remains within our own personal energy field which causes physical pain in the body. If pain in any form isn't dealt with, it can cause illness & disease in the body.

I am a conduit of the God spirit which guides me in my sessions to intuitively pick up emotions & feelings in the body. I confirm & validate these with my client. As I confirm my findings with my client I am helping my client identify the origins of their respective pain and how to make small changes to reverse their relationship with the pain.


Sessions last one to an one and half hours



Sound Healing is a very powerful healing modality. I have used this myself many times. You probably have unwittingly have used sound by listening to music as your own medicine.

“Sound is the medicine of the future,” is a quote once assigned to the legendary sleeping psychic, Edgar Cayce.

I use many instruments in healing sessions. Many times when I am in a Reiki session I am intuitively drawn to use my tuning forks and/or my crystal singing bowls.

Although, I am drawn to use my tuning forks & crystal signing bowls; I have been trained in Vibroacoustical Therapy.  I have been trained in using intention & frequency. (Intention & frequency are of course other forms of energy.)
This practice uses specific frequencies that attune the mind & body to heal itself.

Due to the Covid-19 Outbreak I am not offering this type of healing service at this time. I will be offering Sound healing in the future. I will be available for events & gatherings.


Currently Unavailable



Recently I have come to realize that I have mediumship abilities. I knew that I could communicate with my own friends & family members that have crossed over, but hadn't had the opportunity to communicate with "other people's dead people" as I put it.

I am working on building my confidence & skills as a medium; and in doing so I am offering a special for these services.
In my previous experience with acting as a medium I noticed that this is similar to the Energy work that I do as I am accessing the energetic presence of the dearly departed. I have been shown mental photos by the departed. In that particular experience - the photos that I as being showed mentally where actual photos that existed. The photos that were mentally shown to me contained more information for me. Instead of seeing the actual color in the photo I was seeing colors that represented feelings. For example instead of seeing yellow, I was seeing white. For me white is an expression of
Unconditional Love.

Sessions last one to an one and half hours


Now Offering Akashic Records Readings

An Akashic Records Reading session can be life changing. I know it is by experience. An Akashic Records Reading Sessions are done with the intention to align you with the original blueprint of your soul and life purpose. Akashic Records Reading are like a psychic reading where I channel answers for my clients. These can help you find more direction in your life with your career and relationships.


My sessions can last anywhere between a half an hour to two hours.


More About My Services

     I encourage everyone to try alternative healing even if it is not a modality that I personally practice. My personal alternative healing journey has brought me closer to not only to knowing who I am, but it has been a way for me to "grow up" so to speak. Through my process I have seen my personal patterns of behavior, thoughts, fears and belief systems have negated who I am really am. By exploring these self defeating patterns I have literally changed my life on many different levels for the better.

     I had no idea what I was truly getting myself into when I had my first Reiki session. I was catapulted into a "spiritual awakening", which is not necessarily something that is typical of having a Reiki session. I wish I had known more about Reiki beforehand. For that reason I offer a free 20 minute consultation to answer your questions about Reiki or any other healing modality that I offer. One question that have been asked before is if I believe in God. Yes, I very much believe in God & Jesus. Spiritual healing does involve a belief in a higher power - for me that is God. I do call upon Jesus the supreme healer to help me and my client in our healing session together. 

     My Distance Reiki sessions are done at a scheduled time where clients are able to lay down and relax. At this time I will work for 20-30 minutes sending Reiki to my client. This is very similar to an in-person session. Many times I will pick up emotions or other information from the body. I make notes of anything that I pick up. Most often I will call my client immediately after sending Reiki. In this conversation with my client I will discuss my findings for validation. I counsel my clients in doing things to help them identify and rewrite any patterns that may have emerged in their healing session. This is where clients have the power to heal themselves. I am just a catalyst, a conduit, an energy mover.

Disclaimer: Please seek Professional Medical help in an emergency and prior to seeking out any type of alternative or holistic healing. Alternative healing is not a replacement for Professional Medical Attention. Alternative healing is a complimentary therapy to Professional Medical Care.